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Jay & Lori Pyatt

Jay & Lori Pyatt

Lori is APSATS Trauma Trained for Partners. We are BraveHearts Certified Mentors for couples, strugglers, and spouses. 20+ years of research gave us 100s of best practices. We are speakers and soon-to-be podcasters, and our program has an 80% success rate.

CSAM Certified Mentors for Couples, Strugglers, and Spouses
Porn Is Killing Me / Porn Pain Healed

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Porn nearly destroyed us, but his lies and his hurtful words were even worse. We took a new approach, and now our marriage is much better than before. It wasn’t easy, but worth it, and we did it without splitting up! Now we help others find their way out, using a tailor made approach.

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